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Climbing to Success

GTA Consultant’s pursuit of the firm’s 2020 corporate strategy has been progressed with a unique three-day business planning event in the Australian Alps.

Based in Thredbo, NSW, and affectionately dubbed ‘Camp III’, the event was a further instalment where the firm’s senior business leaders come together to progress the company’s 2020 strategy and direction.

The three days culminated in a group trek up Mt. Kosciusko led by mountaineer and philanthropist Peter Hillary, son of Sir Edmund Hillary.

“Climbing Mount Everest has been a metaphor for GTA’s business growth, with each planning session representing an important milestone in climbing the world’s tallest mountain,” said GTA’s Managing Director, Michael Durkin.

“Climbing Mt. Kosciusko, the highest point in Australia, is a literal translation of some of GTA’s 2020 business goals.”

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