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Combating Congestion Through optimised road corridors


GTA Consultants Transport and Traffic Engineer Rebecca Strachan will be presenting ways of combating increases in traffic congestion impacts through road corridor optimisation.

Rebecca is among presenters at a Transport Australia society AITPM seminar held in Perth on Wednesday 25th May, and supported by GTA. The seminar’s focus is on Achieving Efficient Roads and Effective Streets, and is in response to the impacts of Perth’s continuing growth.

Rebecca will be presenting work GTA Consultants has delivered on optimising road corridors through observation using SCATs modelling. This work has led to material improvements in journey time and traffic flow.

Also presenting at the seminar is:

  • Dean Cracknell, Strategic Urban Planner and Deputy Chair of the Beaufort Street network talking on the ‘Importance of street design to promote liveability’, and
  • Jeremy Millar, Director Transport Planning and Major Urban Centres, on ‘Transport planning for activity centres

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