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GTA at TransportCamp 2017

The third annual TransportCamp was held in Melbourne, bringing together transports professionals, researchers and citizens interested in transportation and innovation.

Supported by GTA Consultants, the TransportCamp is set up as an ‘unconference’, an informal, collaborative event run by attendees. The aim is to facilitate an open exchange of ideas and thoughts about managing disruption in the transport industry and exploring new opportunities in transport technology.

Starting in 2014, TransportCamp has gone from strength to strength with over 130 persons from industry, government and university sectors attending this years’ event. 30 workshops were held on the day with participants attending a selection based on their interests.

Major themes running through the 2017 programme included public transport, bike-sharing programmes, autonomous vehicles and technologies for reducing traffic congestion and parking issues. There were also workshops focusing on safety within city environments, such as heavy vehicle safety in urban settings and designing safe cities for women.

GTA Director Will Fooks lead an interactive session where attendees designed a London-style congestion charge for Melbourne, aimed at tackling traffic and pollution in inner-city streets. The session also examined the complimentary measures that would be essential to the success of such a scheme in the local context.

Throughout the day, GTA ran a competition where participants responded to the question: ‘As designers, why are we here?’ There were over 40 submissions, all with great ideas around the challenges of transport and urban mobility in Melbourne.

Outcomes of the 2017 TransportCamp will be released in the coming weeks and provide an overview of the discussions that took place at this year’s event.


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