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GTA Marks 30 Years!

2019 is a special year for GTA Consultants, marking 30 years since our firm commenced business.

From humble beginnings at a kitchen table in Melbourne, GTA is now established as a leading transport planning consultancy. With a team approaching 180 in five offices across Australia, we proudly play a key role on transport projects around the country.

We see transport as the backbone of the built environment, and we are committed to delivering productive and sustainable outcomes that play a lead role in how societies run. Our values are centred on the premise that we live transport so communities can thrive.

We take pride in the partnerships that we have developed with our clients and industry partners. From longstanding clients we have grown with for over 30 years, to new partnerships that we have started more recently. We focus on personalised service and ongoing innovation to transport challenges.

The cornerstone of our growth has been our brilliant and committed staff. That commitment has been built on trust and respect for each other, and a focus on well-being, personal development and long-term success. We have always operated as a close-knit team and we are steadfast in believing that as a collective, together is better.

Looking back over the last 30 years, we are proud of where we came from and where we are now. Looking forward, we are committed to building on this legacy, guided by our values, our relationships with our clients and industry partners, as well as the excellence of our team.




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