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GTA reaches significant gender diversity milestone

We are pleased to recognise that women now make up 25% of GTA’s technical consulting staff base. More generally, across the company as a whole, our female composition places GTA in the top 10% of comparable firms in Australia [1].

These two statistics are worth acknowledging given that the availability of current and future female STEM professionals is extremely limited. By way of example, the proportion of women in the engineering work force is static at 12%, with the proportion of women starting engineering courses in Australia flat-lining at 16% (while those studying secondary school STEM subjects is reducing).

At GTA, we recognise that creating a diverse and inclusive workplace encourages new ways of thinking, challenges the norm and improves decision-making. A diverse and inclusive workplace helps us attract and retain high-quality staff and assists in delivering high-quality services to our clients.

Gender is only one aspect of the diversity and inclusion picture, but it is an important leading indicator. While we have a long way to go, we are nevertheless proud that our activities and efforts to date have brought us to this point on our climb.

[1] data sources: Engineers Australia (2017)



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