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GTA Reaffirms Its Company Values

The nature of GTA’s business has evolved considerably since 1989, and so it was fitting that collectively we revaluate our core values and purpose in line with this growth.

Throughout 2018, GTA spent significant time reflecting on its company principles and engaging with all staff across our five offices to define these values that will guide our business going forward.

The result is a comprehensive statement of GTA’s common values, aspirations and business objectives. It is a declaration that can be referenced by all of our stakeholders, with each theme supporting and providing context for the others.

As the pre-eminent transport planning consultancy for Australia, GTA’s values reflect our continual strive for excellence in leadership, initiative, expertise and collaboration.

Managing Director Michael Durkin said, “Our decisions are based on values that consider long-term success alongside the aspirations of who we are and what we want to be in the future.”

“This statement is a genuine, authentic and liveable representation of GTA and guides who we work with and the nature of our advice.” Michael added.

GTA sees transport as the centrepiece of the built environment – our community, economy, and liveability – and we are committed to productive and sustainable transport outcomes that play a lead role in how societies run.

Ultimately, we live transport so communities can thrive.

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