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GTA Sponsors Inaugural Transport Camp in Sydney


Following on from the 2017 Transport Camp in Melbourne, GTA was a major sponsor of Sydney’s inaugural Transport Camp at the University of Sydney. 

Set up as an “unconference”, Transport Camp is an informal collaborative event run by attendees to facilitate an open exchange of ideas and thoughts about managing disruption in the transport industry.

Starting in 2014, the event has gone from strength to strength, bringing together transport professionals, researchers, technologists and individuals interested in transport, technology and innovation. The unconference is characterised by an impromptu schedule where attendees propose themes for discussion before voting on their preferred topics to decide the series of workshops throughout the day.

GTA Associate Director Nick Buchanan and Consultant Okka Maw were selected to run a discussion on Future Transport beyond 2056, discussing the requirements of the NSW transport system for the latter half of the 21st Century. Associate Director Christian Bode later joined Nick to run a discussion on the potential introduction of a car-free Sydney CBD based on the numerous international cities which have adopted this approach.

Consultant Ingrid Bissaker was also selected to be a ‘shark tank’ panel judge with proponents pitching ideas for hypothetical transport investments and funding. The four key presentations in this series focused on shared office spaces at train stations, further investment in heavy rail, extensions of bike path infrastructure using photo-voltaic solar panels as well as increased driver training using the ‘Dutch Manoeuvre’ to make motorists more aware of cyclists.

The event was highly successful and an exciting opportunity for industry collaboration, interdisciplinary networking and knowledge-sharing.


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