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Moreland Integrated Transport Strategy Adopted by Council

GTA Consultants (GTA) is proud to announce the successful endorsement and adoption of the Moreland Integrated Transport Strategy 2019 (MITS) and Parking Implementation Plan (PIP) by Moreland City Council. Adoption of the Strategy reflects a strong commitment by Council to lead in creating safer, healthier and more liveable communities which encourage sustainable ways of travel and reduce dependence on car ownership and use.

This announcement also marks a significant milestone in the future of transport planning for not only Moreland, but Melbourne, as one of the first suburban municipalities to both remove minimum car parking requirements and introduce maximum car parking rates for new developments in major activity centres.

 These changes will be supported by:

  • Broader changes to car parking, including expansions of parking restrictions and reductions to minimum parking requirements in neighbourhood and local activity centres
  • Targeted advocacy for improved public transport services
  • Strengthened partnerships, including clarity in the role of emerging technology providers
  • Progressive reallocation of road space for improved streetscapes, walking, cycling and public transport
  • Trial speed limit reductions and selected road closures to reduce rat-running and create quieter, safer streets

GTA has been working in partnership with Moreland City Council over the last 18 months to prepare MITS, which was informed by research and three phases of community consultation. The distinguishing factor of the Strategy is in its shift away from a traditional, broad planning approach to a focus on targeted, high-impact, low-cost transport initiatives which are achievable and deliverable by Council. These initiatives will allow the municipality to re-think and influence their transport future and create a Moreland which is vibrant, equitable, prosperous and sustainable.

Cr. Dale Martin at Moreland City Council remarked: "What we have here is a huge strategy that focuses on congestion, it focuses on human health, it focuses on liveability, it focuses on safety and it focuses on the decarbonisation of our transport sector. This strategy right here is Victoria-, if not Australian-leading in its approach, in the direction that it is taking.”

GTA’s National Transport Planning lead, Will Fooks, said: “The adoption of parking maximums (or caps)is the biggest change in transport planning priorities in Melbourne in 30 years. It shows the opportunity for Moreland City Council to influence change over elements in their own purview with the objective of creating a more liveable, connected and healthy municipality for residents.”

GTA commends Council officers and Councillors for their leadership, engagement and commitment, and thanks the community for their interest and input to the development of the Strategy.

GTA will continue this work with local governments across Australia and welcomes state government, Councils and the private sector to get in touch to discuss how similar outcomes can be achieved in their area.


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