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Tim Judd’s research on 30km/h streets in The West Australian.


GTA Consultants Director Tim Judd’s research on 30km/h residential speed limits was featured in Perth newspaper – The West Australian.

Delivering a paper at this year’s National AITPM Conference in Perth, Tim’s research focuses on lowering speed limits in suburban areas to deliver safer street environments for residents.

The research used Perth’s northern suburb of Padbury to test the concept, based on earlier findings which highlight that 30km/h speed limits on local roads can improve the safety and pedestrian amenity.

“Reducing speeds within local suburban roads to 30km/h means we can return roads back to streets to be enjoyed by the people. Neighbourhood streets play a vital role in making places liveable.” Tim said in the paper.

Tim Judd was one of five consultants from GTA who presented at the 2018 AITPM Conference.

Click here to read the full article in The West Australian.


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