Hi, I'm Dr Patrick

I am a transport economist and planner with extensive experience in providing strategic transport advisory services.

Throughout my career, I have built a strong track record of managing and delivering a wide range of business case and economic appraisal projects, from nationally significant infrastructure such as Sydney Metro West to local transport initiatives.

My expertise lies in cost benefit analysis, business case development, wider economic benefit analysis, integrated transport and land use modelling as well as econometric modelling.

I am also an experienced business case writer, and have worked closely with government clients in developing funding submissions by creating a compelling ‘case for change’.

I believe transport is critical in shaping our cities and generates broader economic benefits to society. An evidence based approach supported by a robust economic analysis is therefore essential to inform investment decisions.

Dr Patrick Tsai — Associate Director




PhD - Transport Economics
MEngSc - Transport
BEng - Civil


Member, The Economic Society of Australia

creating, guiding, delivering

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