240 adelaide terrace

The proposed development is a 31-storey mixed-used residential tower on the edge of the CBD in East Perth, The new development will house over 100 apartments, commercial office spaces as well as parking amenities for both residents and future tenants of the commercial allocation. Given the site's proximity to Perth's Free Transit Zone, the parking allocation for the commercial tenants is significantly less than required under the Perth Parking Policy, seeking to encourage public and active travel among future occupants.

As part of the project, GTA undertook an assessment of the laneway access to and from the development and reviewed swept paths to ensure that waste removal vehicles could enter and exit the site. An additional aspect of the development also included ceding land in order to extend the narrow one-way laneway into a two-lane street that allows bi-directional vehicle traffic  for this project as well as possible future developments on adjacent sites in the years to come.


Client // Finbar

GTA Office // Perth

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