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2020 marks 20 years that GTA has been involved in traffic and transport management of the Australian Open Grand Slam. Since first undertaking the role in 2000, GTA’s scope has grown considerably from preparing traffic management plans to coordinating input from key transport stakeholders to assemble and oversee a holistic Public Transport and Traffic Management Plan.

As part of this role, GTA chairs the Transport Committee on behalf of Tennis Australia. The Committee is made up of key stakeholders who are involved in the overall transport strategy for the event: Department of Transport, Yarra Trams, Metro Trains, City of Melbourne, Melbourne Cricket Club, Melbourne & Olympic Parks Trust as well as ride share operators and taxi services.

GTA coordinates the transport stakeholders to build a common understanding of the transport management strategy as well as the integration of each service as part of the overarching plan. Our responsibility is therefore to coordinate and streamline the transport management to ensure that all operators are delivering the best outcome for patrons of the event.

Equally, GTA holds responsibility for developing the transport management plans, including traffic management and wayfinding signage plans, and gaining regulatory approval from both the Department of Transport and the City of Melbourne for the implementation. As the event develops and evolves from year to year, our team also addresses challenges as they arise during the tournament, leveraging off our relationship with the key operators to get further assistance and support. This enables the event to run smoothly as practically possible with onsite and immediate supervision for ad hoc issues.

Following the completion of the event, GTA prepares an overall review of the event for discussion with Tennis Australia and the service operators, using this as a platform to improve efficiencies in the following year. This activity sees GTA take on a key role across planning, managing and auditing of the transport for the tournament and ensuring its success for Tennis Australia and all 700,000 attendees at the event across the two-week period.


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