Box Hill Car Parking Strategy

GTA Consultants was commissioned by Whitehorse City Council in November 2012 to prepare a car parking strategy for the Box Hill central activities area, completed in June 2014.

The car parking strategy prepared by GTA sought to effectively manage existing and future car parking conditions, promote the use of sustainable transport modes and maintain the economic growth of Box Hill.

The strategy covered development of a car parking model to estimate land use car parking generation rates and the forecasting of future car parking demands based on projected floor space increases. It also involved an evaluation of the likely demands and warrants for car parking stations based on long-term and short-term parking needs.

Additionally, GTA provided recommendations for existing car parking management works within the activities area.

This strategy considered from an economic analyst’s point of view, the merits in terms of costs and benefits of a range of potential policy options for managing the parking resources in Box Hill.

Finally, GTA assisted in the preparation of a parking overlay for inclusion in the Whitehorse Planning Scheme, stipulating appropriate car parking provision rates to apply for future uses in the area.

Client // Whitehorse City Council

GTA Office // Melbourne

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