Chadstone Shopping Centre expansion

Chadstone is a ‘super regional’ shopping precinct located in Malvern East, Victoria. It is the largest and most successful centre of its kind in Australia.

Over the last 5 years, GTA has provided a broad range of transport service areas to support the latest $600 million expansion of Chadstone. Once completed, the Centre will have an additional 20,000 sqm of new retail floor space, a 10 level 17,000 sqm office building, two new food dining precincts and 40 new retailers supported by an additional 800 car parking spaces (bringing the total to over 10,000 spaces),

The development also offers a new consolidated bus interchange of 15 bays and a third signalised intersection offering direct access to the adjacent arterial road, the Princes Highway.

GTA has been involved at all phases of the expansion project lifecycle, including:

  • Phase 1 - Initial Masterplanning,
  • Phase 2 - Planning Scheme Amendment/Planning Panel Process
  • Phase 3 - Planning Permit Applications/Integrated Transport Plan Access Plan/VCAT Hearing
  • Phase 4 - Functional, Traffic Signal and Detailed Design

Phase - 1 Initial Masterplanning

GTA assisted with the initial investigations undertaken by the Centre into future masterplanning opportunities for the site.

Our team provided strategic land use transport integration advice and consulted at a high-level within the development team as well as various departments and agencies.

This work set the platform for commencement of the Planning Scheme amendment process to facilitate the on-going expansion of the Centre.

Phase 2 - Planning Scheme Amendment and Planning Panel Process

The proposed amendments to the existing Incorporated Plan Overlay (IPO) within the Local Government Planning Scheme was heard by an independent Planning Panel following an extensive exhibition and public consultation process

GTA’s role was in preparing a report which assessed the various transport elements of the amended IPO, including consideration of the following:

  • Appropriate car parking rates to adopt which identified the number and location of car-parking spaces required
  • Additional traffic generation and resulting access changes and works
  • External road access works required
  • Detailed microsimulation modelling of the surrounding road network to understand wider impacts as well as possible mitigation
  • Internal car park access, circulation and loading changes
  • Rationale, location and layout of a new bus interchange and taxi rank
  • Pedestrian and bicycle works for staff and visitors
  • Supporting works such as the installation of parking guidance technology to support a shift in travel behaviour by staff and visitors.

At the end of the process the Panel recommended that the Amendment to the IPO be adopted subject to recommendations.

Phase 3 - Planning Permit Applications/Integrated Transport Plan Access Plan/VCAT Hearing

GTA’s services during this phase of the project included the preparation of Impact Assessment reports for each development stage resulting from the approved IPO. The Reports covered;

  • Public transport enhancements, including design of the new bus interchange
  • Integrated transport solutions, including improvements to walking and cycling connections and facilities
  • Car parking provision, layout and management requirements
  • Traffic impacts and access arrangements, including the access to Princes Highway and new bus interchange
  • Strategic transport planning, including road improvement works external to the Centre
  • Concept and functional design for relevant intersection and road network improvements
  • Community consultation and the preparation and presentation of expert evidence (for the commercial development site)
  • Related authority approvals

In addition to these reports, the amended IPO included a condition for an Integrated Transport and Access Plan which was prepared by GTA to address transport network users and modes of travel to/from the Centre to the satisfaction of the Responsible Authorities.

Phase 4 - Functional, Traffic Signal and Detailed Design

GTA developed the functional, traffic signal and detailed design and construction documentation of the proposed site accesses and intersection improvement works for 5 key intersections.

As part of this work, GTA was responsible for; 

  • Traffic signal design
  • Functional layout design to cater for added traffic capacity
  • Detailed design of proposed road works external to the site to facilitate access into/out of Centre
  • Ongoing liaison and coordination with project stakeholders including PTV for modifications of bus operations
  • Engagement with VicRoads to expedite the review and approvals of designs
  • Assist with tenders to contractors

In addition to the above, GTA was also responsible for leading and managing a team of specialist sub-consultants to facilitate the completion of technical services including all aspects of public lighting, road safety audits, underground services proving and geotechnical investigation to inform pavement design.

Client // Vicinity Centres (formerly Colonial First State / Novion) & Gandel Group

GTA Office // Melbourne

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