Coleville Crescent
Safe Active Street Design

The Safe Active Street Project is a programme sponsored by the Western Australian Department of Transport to make cycling easier and safer across WA. The programme aims to deliver low-speed environments which are safer for both vehicles and cyclists. By introducing lower speeds, streets also become much safer for pedestrians and children, and additional tree planting and landscaping make them more attractive places to walk and ride.

The City of Cockburn appointed GTA’s Transport Engineering and Technical Design teams to lead this project and create a safe environment for children, the elderly and residents to access the amenities available. While only a local neighbourhood street, Coleville Crescent is home to the City of Cockburn council building, community hall and library as well as a community shopping centre and Primary School. There is also a retirement village planned on the site of the bowling club.

Along the Crescent, the speed limit was modified to 30km/h and the two entry points from Rockingham Road and Spearwood Avenue were redesigned with speedhumps, grade-level pedestrian crossings and road surface treatments to highlight the change of road environment. Where adjoining streets intersect with Coleville Crescent, raised plateaus have also been added to highlight conflict areas and the change of speed and traffic conditions.

Along Coleville Crescent, an additional zebra crossing has been integrated to provide important connections between the municipal buildings and the shopping centre. Further, a new shared path has been designed to the south side of Coleville Crescent, running through the green area that surrounds the Council Building and continuing to the west side of Spearwood Avenue. New carparks have also been added to Coleville Crescent to assist with school traffic and drop-offs, ensuring that vehicles have a safe space to stop while allowing other transport users to continue smoothly along the street.

Client // City of Cockburn

GTA Office // Perth

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