craigburn farm western bypass feasibility study

In April 2019, the City of Mitcham engaged GTA Consultants to undertake a feasibility study for a western bypass connection around the residential suburb of Craigburn Farm to address issues for emergency bushfire egress and to provide a traffic bypass of the community. Due to the hilly topography and the dense bushland recreational park and reserve, the existing road network only provides limited routes for residential to exit to a safe place with a major bush fire emergency.

The key objective for a bypass or link road is to provide safe egress for a mass evacuation in case of a bushfire. In this study, we used the Australian Transport Assessment and Planning (ATAP) Framework guidelines, which are the national standard for road corridor evaluations. The study also investigated if major strategic routes or upgrades to existing road networks could resolve the issues of bushfire risk and traffic congestion at Blackwood.

Through the stakeholder consultation process, GTA developed a total of 12 alignment options. They were assessed in a multi-criteria analysis of the environmental and social constraints in and around the Craigburn Farm residential suburb. This assessment formed the initial stages of a two-stage process, providing recommendations for a Go/No Go decision to move to concept design in consultation with DPTI.

In late 2019, Council staff are reviewing the recommendations from the study. Council is also providing an informal opportunity for the community to provide feedback which will be incorporated into the review prior to presenting to Full Council for consideration.

Client // City of Mitcham and Department of Planning, Transport and Infrastructure

GTA Office // Adelaide

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