ku-ring-gai paid parking management strategy 


Ku-ring-gai Council is located on the Upper North Shore in of Sydney, approximately 15 kilometres from the CBD. Due to increased population density and commercial activity across the municipality, for several years Council has been assessing the implementation of a paid parking strategy to manage an integrated, equitable and cost-efficient approach to parking and transport planning.

In 2018, Council engaged GTA to prepare a paid parking strategy to report and assess the several options available to manage the current infrastructure. The objectives that Council identified as part of the project include raising revenue to fund local centre improvements and transport-related facilities; improving turnover of parking spaces; managing demand; and helping to meet mode share targets.


GTA’s strategy considered the various parking management options, including supporting technologies available as well as enhanced enforcement. It also investigated other examples of paid parking schemes implemented in other Local Government Areas (LGAs), while assessing the viability of paid parking within Ku-ring-gai’s local centres using a financial model. The paid parking strategy was released on the Council’s website for public consultation in late 2018.



Client // Ku-ring-gai Council

GTA Office // Sydney

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