Moreland Bicycle Wayfinding

In 2018 Moreland City Council engaged GTA Consultants to design a new wayfinding strategy for their on-road cycling network. In keeping with their 2011-2021 Bicycle Strategy to encourage more people to ride, the objective was to bridge the divide between the network map and the riding experience by implementing a wayfinding system that would improve communication and facilitate journeys for both regular and new users.

To create an intuitive strategy, GTA’s team reviewed the Australian Standards for Cycling Network Signage to tailor a design to the Moreland City Council. This process meant defining all graphic elements of the signage, including the colour strategy, font type and size, as well as the pictogram types and design. Once established, GTA also provided the Council with best practice standards on material selection and implementation.

GTA’s team undertook an analysis of Moreland’s bicycle network to understand the locations of signs as well as the different user requirements. This led to developing an information hierarchy with three levels of signage: Primary Signs with high-level information, Secondary Signs with local destinations such as shopping centres, public transport and medical facilities, and Reassurance Signs to keep cyclists informed along their route.

GTA’s wayfinding strategy is entirely reflective of the routes outlined on the network map, ensuring the rider experience aligns with the information on Moreland City Council’s website. The wayfinding design is also heavily based on human-centred design techniques to ensure that all aspects of the visual communication – contrast, scale, colour selection – provide clear legibility for users.

Client // Moreland City Council

GTA Office // Melbourne

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