Northern Beaches Hospital


GTA was engaged to provide transport assessment and transport modelling services for the road network upgrades associated with the new Northern Beaches Hospital at Frenchs Forest. The new hospital has capacity for a substantial 488 beds, and will offer extensive medical services including surgical, paediatric, obstetric, in-patient mental health services and an emergency department.

The site is on one of Sydney’s busiest roads with 80,000 vehicles using Warringah Road daily; a number that is expected to rise with the region’s growing population.

GTA has been instrumental in bringing together a suite of project inputs including strategic traffic modelling, a detailed understanding of hospital operations, stakeholder expectations and commentary (including bus operations) and iterative budgetary constraints and political overlays, to develop robust microsimulation modelling and transport analysis for the EIS documentation.

We drew on our previous hospital project experience (including Campbelltown hospital) to revise and justify traffic demands and associated impacts on the surrounding road network.



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GTA Office // Sydney


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GTA at TransportCamp 2017

Friday, October 20, 2017

GTA Consultants was a major supporter of the third annual TransportCamp in Melbourne 

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The third annual TransportCamp was held in Melbourne, bringing together transports professionals, researchers and citizens interested in transportation and innovation. Supported by GTA Consultants, the TransportCamp is set up as an ‘unconference’, an informal, collaborative event run by attendees. The aim is to facilitate an open exchange of ideas and thoughts about managing disruption in the transport industry and exploring new opportun 

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