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Olli is a twelve-passenger autonomous shuttle bus that is operating on a six-month trial along the foreshore in Glenelg, 10km from Adelaide's CBD. Designed and manufactured by US-based company Local Motors, the shuttle can travel up to 40km/h while maintaining awareness of its surroundings through LIDAR, computer vision and radar systems. 

Launched by a joint venture between Local Motors, SAGE Automation and the South Australian Government, the trial includes a 1km section of the shared path in Glenelg where the Olli shuttle will operate between two smart transit stops. The route provides an opportunity to demonstrate advanced autonomous technology where the shuttle must interact and negotiate pedestrians, cyclists and very soon, Segway users.

Local Motors initially engaged GTA Consultants to undertake a pre-opening stage Road Safety Audit for the proposed Olli route. This role was subsequently extended to the review and provision of advice for the traffic management plan and liaison with Local and State Government for the necessary approvals. 

In advance of the launch, GTA also completed the commissioning stage transport safety assessment which confirmed whether the identified risks had been appropriately addressed.

Olli offers a transport mode that is ideally suited to short-range applications. Designed as an accessible form of transport for all passengers, Olli demonstrates how automotive technology can improve the state‚Äôs transport system and overall customer experience. The shuttle is also connected to the Internet of Things via the IBM Watson platform and can provide real-time information to passengers via an audio interface. 

GTA has previous experience in the assessment of autonomous vehicle routes. By combining our experience in road safety audits, traffic engineering and work with autonomous vehicles, GTA was able to provide Local Motors with a tailored solution to assist with the necessary approvals and a successful start in its South Australian trial.

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