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Developer RCL Group is the major landowner in the Mernda Town Centre.  RCL initially engaged GTA to prepare traffic and transport engineering advice for the future planning associated with the Comprehensive Development Zone within the Town Centre. The engineering and analytical works associated with this engagement led to a permit being granted for the development, including a large format hardware store, fast-food outlets, a place of worship and varying levels of residential density. This project is one of many where GTA is providing specialist transport advice and brings a comprehensive understanding of the development’s placement among the broader precinct.

In showcasing GTA’s ability to contribute to additional segments of the project, GTA was subsequently engaged to prepare the functional, civil and detailed design and documentation of Plenty Road and the surrounding road network. As part of the project scope, GTA collaborated actively with VicRoads and Major Road Projects Victoria (MRPV) to future proof the design and ensure its readiness for the planned duplication of Plenty Road in 2020. In creating a solution that aligned with the VicRoads’ vision for the duplication of the entire Plenty Road corridor, GTA was instrumental in negotiating a mutually beneficial outcome.

GTA worked closely with VicRoads and RCL Group to develop a procurement strategy that focused on joint funding of the external roadworks as the basis of later upgrades and improvements. The negotiations resulted in a strong public-private partnership and a close collaboration between parties to deliver a transport outcome that met the needs of VicRoads, RCL Group as well as road users and the local community.

GTA was also responsible for liaising and coordinating with affected services authorities for the relocation of existing services impacted by the proposed external roadworks. The civil detailed design therefore incorporated two new bus stops and was fully integrated with the development’s internal design, as defined by other consultants appointed by RCL Group. Overall the development of the precinct was able to continue without delays and upgrades to the network improved efficiency and throughput ahead of the planned 2020 duplication.


Client // RCL Group

GTA Office // Melbourne

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