Queensland Schools PPP Consortium

Working within the Plenary Schools consortium, in partnership with the Queensland Government, GTA is playing a key role in the delivery of ten schools across south-east Queensland.

This extremely important project will be a major component in the provision of capacity to cater for the region’s growing demands. The project will see eight primary schools and two secondary schools delivered over a five year period.

The first two schools opened for operations at the start of 2015, with a further four schools opened for the beginning of the 2016 school year. The remaining four schools will be open at the beginning of 2017.

GTA is providing detailed traffic engineering and transport planning specialist input into the development of the traffic and transport elements for each school, including vehicular access, car parking, public transport, circulation and dropping off/picking up arrangements.

The integration of transport in and around these schools was at the forefront of GTA’s involvement in this project, including car drop-off and pick-up, public transport facilities and active travel (walk and cycling).

In accomplishing a high degree of integration both at year of opening and as the school grows, GTA’s highest priority was the safety of all of users of the schools transport infrastructure, in particular the movement of children to and from the school. Incorporating GTA’s traffic and transport expertise to advise during the design process permitted the team to reduce the risk of unsafe practices during the schools’ operations, to protect the most vulnerable stakeholders, thestudents.

By way of GTA’s advice and expertise during all phases of the project, from conceptual master-planning to construction delivery, the schools will be delivered with effective, efficient and safe operations for all users.

Client // Watpac and the Plenary Group

GTA Office // Brisbane

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