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The City of Stonnington is a local government area located in Melbourne’s inner South-East. Like many inner suburbs, Stonnington’s population is likely to continue to grow over the next two decades, placing new challenges on the environment, transport networks and public infrastructure.

The road network within Stonnington is currently at, or near, capacity in certain locations, with among the worst road travel reliability in Melbourne. Many short trips (less than two kilometres) are made by car and traffic, congestion and parking are regularly raised as concerns by businesses and residents. In addition, the municipality has the second lowest amount of open space of any Council in Victoria and about one crash involving a cyclist resulting in serious injury each month on average, with Chapel Street overrepresented in crash statistics.

To address these challenges, Stonnington appointed GTA Consultants in 2018 to create a new, five-year cycling strategy that built on the lessons learnt from implementation of earlier policies. The aim of the 2019-2024 cycling strategy is to increase the number of people cycling in Stonnington, with a specific focus on improving safety.

Guided by early community consultation and evidence, GTA held early workshops with Council to identify focus areas and build an understanding of what has worked and not worked in the past. Informed by further research, GTA developed a draft strategy which:

  • Is realistic and focuses on how Council can take action to improve cycling and safety in their municipality
  • Targets initiatives towards specific 'focus areas’ to ensure value and impact
  • Does not shy away from topics that require difficult decisions about priorities going forward.

GTA handed over the working draft to Council in late 2019. Community consultation on the draft recently concluded in March 2020 and will be considered for adoption later this year.


Client // City of Stonnington

GTA Office // Melbourne

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