West Melbourne Waterfront

The West Melbourne Waterfront project is a mixed-use precinct set over 2.8 with over 250 metres of frontage to the Maribyrnong River. Located approximately 3.5 kilometres from the CBD, with close proximity to existing rail, services and infrastructure, the development includes a mix of residential, commercial and retail uses.

GTA was brought in by Perri Projects to develop an Integrated Transport and Access Plan (ITAP) to address the needs of all transport network users and modes of transport for the proposed developments. It incorporates the key findings and recommendations of a separate Transport Impact Assessment Report (TIAR) also prepared by GTA.

Four key recommendations were:

  • Utilise a ‘wide lens’ to transport and access solutions, to assist with wider integration with the transport network.
  • Creation of an environment that supports the use of sustainable and active transport, through a range of on-site infrastructure, links to external networks and provision of high amenity, pedestrian and bicycle priority public realm within the development.
  • A focus on user needs to inform the design, placement and execution of key sustainable transport elements, to ensure they are well-considered from a user point of view.
  • Creation of a safe and vibrant public realm, where walking and cycling will be the modes of choice. GTA’s approach within the site is informed by the ‘naked streets’ philosophy, where low speeds and negotiation between modes is encouraged.

Client // Perri Projects

GTA Office // Melbourne

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