whittlesea raised safety platform

Raised safety platforms are one of the Safe System treatments that VicRoads is implementing to improve road safety. The objective is to reduce vehicle speeds when approaching and crossing intersections where other transport modes are present. VicRoads appointed GTA Consultants to undertake the design and documentation for the implementation of a raised safety platform at the Plenty Road-Wallan Road-Macmeikan Street-Laurel Street intersection in Whittlesea.

VicRoads’ approach to a Safe System ensures that practitioners recognise that people, as road users, will make mistakes when driving, walking or cycling, and that, through careful design, we should be able to both minimise those mistakes and their impact. In a Safe System approach, roads are designed to reduce the severity of crashes where speed is a major factor in a collision with another vehicle, pedestrian, cyclist or road side feature. Drawing upon interdisciplinary experience, GTA brings a strong understanding of these treatments, and a holistic approach to the various competing objectives and influences that affect transport networks.


GTA worked closely with VicRoads to deliver the raised safety platform in Whittlesea. Part of this process involved a collaborative effort from GTA’s Technical Design, Transport Engineering and Transport Analytics teams to assist VicRoads in navigating through various issues related to the project while achieving the optimal balance between road safety and efficient traffic operation. Part of the project also involved articulating a strategy to VicRoads to obtain the necessary authority approvals in a timely manner to assist with expediting the overall project delivery.

The raised safety platform delivers key benefits by reducing speed at the intersection and catering for a wide cross-section of road users: public transport, cyclists, pedestrians and heavy vehicles. The project also includes new traffic signals to control the intersection and pedestrian crossing from all four direction, better street lighting across the intersection, and a new dedicated bike lane from Plenty Road to Macmeikan Street.

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