Winthrop Avenue Shared Path Link – City of Perth

GTA Consultants was appointed by the City of Perth to prepare concept design options for a shared path link on Winthrop Avenue between Aberdare Road and Stirling Highway. Released in 2012, the City of Perth Cycle Plan 2029 designates this path as a Regional Route within the city’s cycling infrastructure. In an effort to increase cycling across Perth, this addition to the network will provide an important connection between Western Perth and the Stirling Highway as well as with two major hospitals and the University of Western Australia. 

Running along the western perimeter of Kings Park, the shared path is in a sensitive position between parkland and built infrastructure. To gain detailed knowledge of the site and the vegetation within Kings Park, GTA appointed a local arborist to undertake a detailed study of the area and provide a technical report to inform the design process.

Beginning with traffic, pedestrian and cyclist data collection, GTA worked in partnership with the City of Perth to discuss viable solutions for the shared path. Through various workshops with City of Perth and other external stakeholders, GTA prepared the draft concept design for the proposed works. This included improvements to the existing shared path between Aberdare Road and Monash Avenue, a new shared path between Monash Avenue and Poole Avenue as well as upgrades to footpaths between these Avenues, revised crossing points of Winthrop Avenue and minor side roads, as well as links to existing paths within Kings Park.

In GTA’s report submission to the City of Perth, the below film was included to provide visual communication of the design proposal. The video was later used for additional client engagement before finalising the design and resubmitting for approval.

Client // City of Perth

GTA Office // Perth

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