GTA is a leader in developing front-end multimodal services that cover every stage of the transport project cycle.

Our transport planners work closely with our transport advisory and analytics teams drawing on their insights, analyses and areas of expertise. Similarly, our planners engage and inform our transport engineers to create transport plans and outcomes that work. This integrated approach enables our transport planning specialists to deliver practical plans that produce clear social, economic and environmental benefits.

Underpinning project success is GTA’s ability to maximise land use and integrate smart interventions to create transport outcomes that address political issues and meet commercial goals.

Services – Transport planning

  • Freight planning and supply chain logistics
  • Transport economics
  • Public transport planning
  • Transport and land use integration
  • Route, corridor and area planning
  • Transport strategy, demand and operations
  • Transport assessments
  • Pedestrian and bicycle planning
  • Accessibility and mobility studies
  • Major and special event planning
  • Sustainable transport and climate change
  • Car parking policy, planning and design
  • Intelligent transport systems
  • Transport surveys


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GTA at TransportCamp 2017

Friday, October 20, 2017

GTA Consultants was a major supporter of the third annual TransportCamp in Melbourne 

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The third annual TransportCamp was held in Melbourne, bringing together transports professionals, researchers and citizens interested in transportation and innovation. Supported by GTA Consultants, the TransportCamp is set up as an ‘unconference’, an informal, collaborative event run by attendees. The aim is to facilitate an open exchange of ideas and thoughts about managing disruption in the transport industry and exploring new opportun 

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