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Meeting client needs is underpinned by in-depth understanding of specific business objectives.

GTA Consultants partners with a wide range of clients across the business spectrum, playing a key role in the end-to-end development of transport and traffic projects.

We support our clients equally on short, sharp assignments and longer term schemes and developments. We do this with a service offering spanning the entire transport project lifecycle – from initial advisory and strategic planning stages to analytics, planning, engineering, design and delivery.

Our aim is always to help our clients achieve the best possible commercial outcomes in their projects while positively influencing their customers, stakeholders, operating environment and the community.

Personalised, client-focussed service is at the core of what we do. Our partnership-style approach sees us form strong, enduring relationships with clients, enabling us to develop in-depth understanding of specific business objectives and ensure effective and efficient delivery of transport outcomes that meet client needs.

GTA successfully works across multiple business sectors, however we are particularly well-regarded for our knowledge and expertise within the following industries:

  • Retail: Working with major retail asset owners and operators, supermarkets, bulk stores, food, fuel and convenience outlets, specialising in master planning, car-parking traffic engineering and transport interchanges.
  • Property: Providing transport planning and engineering support across the property sector, focussing on residential, commercial and industrial development, and urban growth areas.
  • Health and Education: Partnering with hospitals, aged care facilities, universities and schools that are applying a business mindset and proximate sector involvement in the planning, delivery and operation of facilities.

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