COVID-19 update to clients and industry partners

As we navigate the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic and the impacts on business activities, GTA Consultants is well-placed to continue our strong support of clients in their activities and delivery of projects through changing working environments.

In this sense, GTA is very much ‘open’ for business

The health and safety of GTA’s staff and our clients and partners is our top priority, and GTA is taking our response to COVID-19 very seriously.

We are proud of our client focus and understand the importance of the work we are undertaking with you. We have mobilised quickly and transitioned to a working-from-home structure that allows us to continue our work with our clients in a focused and responsive manner.

We have strong protocols and approaches to maintain project delivery and continuity including:

  • applying a solid technology platform and network to enable staff to work remotely and undertake video or phone conferencing in place of face-to-face meetings
  • building additional capacity back-up into project teams through our national team of more than 150 connected staff
  • identifying aspects of project delivery that may be impacted (such as surveys or inspections) and identifying alternate methodologies (such as online surveys or use of historical data)
  • proactively identifying and communicating where the timeframe for project deliverables may be impacted
  • driving a culture of continual adaption to changing circumstances.

Of course, as the impacts of COVID-19 continue to develop, it may become necessary to make changes to project delivery methods, key project personnel and/or delivery timeframes. Should this occur, we will proactively engage with you and commit to taking all practicable steps to ensure that the project is delivered to your satisfaction.

We look forward to mutual support and collaboration in what is an unprecedented situation and remain at your disposal for any additional assistance you require.