GTA contributes to austroad reports on transport modelling and planning practices

Throughout 2020, GTA has been working in partnership with AustRoads to develop two key reports for the road and transport industry: 

As specialists in transport modelling and planning, GTA is proud to contribute to these publications and support AustRoads in the provision of guidance for simulation and intersection models, as well as the valuation of place in the road transport system.

The AustRoads transport modelling report supports project managers in communicating with transport modelling consultants and assessing the technical performance of models. The report provides guidance to improve decision-making processes and assist project managers when commissioning simulation and intersection modelling services.

The report author is GTA Associate Director Bryan Li, who presented at the AustRoads webinar in July to provide a detailed overview of the report and its industry guidance.

Bryan said, “transport models are an effective tool in assessing the performance of transport environments and further improving their efficiency. These guidelines aim to ensure project managers have the necessary information and knowledge when managing investigations involving modelling work.”

The second report responds to the increasing adoption of the Movement and Place framework in transport planning and the greater focus on delivering good Place outcomes as well as traditional Movement requirements. The report guides transport practitioners to better classify, measure and value Place through transport planning processes.

Measuring Place has two fundamental roles – to understand how a place compares with its aspirations, and how it could be improved for user benefit. GTA’s National Transport Planning Lead, Will Fooks, is the report author and highlights that a transparent approach is what works best to classify places.

Will said, “Using existing land use planning zoning is a good first step, with further refinements based on local studies and community engagement.”

Will Fooks and Ed Zhao (GTA Associate Director) will present the research and report on Thursday, 13th of August 2020 at 1:00pm AEST.

The sessions will explore how place is measured locally and internationally, and the approach to classifying, measuring and valuing the benefits of place as described in the AustRoads report.

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