our approach

At GTA Consultants, we focus on creating transport that works for people. Our approach is very personal and project-specific, driven by transport specialists of the highest calibre.

At the core of what we do is an innate ability to understand and solve problems. We appreciate the needs of both government and business sectors alike, applying our experience across multiple industries to create transport outcomes that address political issues, meet commercial goals and align with organisational objectives.

Our service offering spans the entire transport project lifecycle – from initial advisory and strategic planning stages to analytics, engineering, design and delivery.

With one of Australia’s largest and most respected transport teams, we offer clients rigorous analysis-based decision-making. We take pride in being an independent firm, welcoming opportunity to challenge traditional approaches and apply fresh thinking to ensure client needs and positive project outcomes are realised.

A partnership-style approach sees us form strong, enduring relationships with clients and industry stakeholders who count on us to deliver superior transport outcomes.


Project Lifecycle

creating, guiding, delivering

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