transport service provision strategic assessment

GTA was engaged to establish an evidence base and develop strategies for a state government service provider who wanted to understand current user access to its facilities across Victoria. This required an understanding of transport accessibility coverage and gaps, as well as outlining response options and next steps alongside a spatial analysis package to use in-house.

GTA worked closely with the client’s internal stakeholders to bring together multiple sources of supply-and-demand data. We examined user accessibility based on real-life journey times and travel routes by facility type, user segment and mode of travel, as well as differentiating between the client’s operational sub-divisions.

The data and analysis were captured in a spatial dataset and mapping tool for the client to use in the future, including to refresh user records and test scenarios of service coverage whether through existing or new facilities.

Based on analysis of data, review of client policies, and discussions with client’s internal stakeholders, GTA recommended a series of next steps covering governance changes, responses by facility type and user segment, and site level responses. The work is being used as an evidence base to understand and better meet the needs of a growing and changing Victorian population.

Client // VIC State Government Agency

GTA Office // Melbourne

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