Bankstown complete streets

Client // Roberts Day

GTA Office // Sydney

The Bankstown Complete Streets project developed a holistic approach for streets and urban spaces in the Bankstown CBD, bringing together transport planning and urban design in order to provide a better, healthier and more people-focused CBD environment.

The Bankstown CBD will see significant changes associated with substantial developments and projects including the City and Southwest Metro. This is an opportunity to transform Bankstown’s CBD and create a more people-friendly place.

The project’s key components were to review existing conditions, identify key issues and opportunities, define a vision, prepare a master plan, and provide recommendations for future options for the movements systems in the CBD.

The long-term recommendations were central to ensuring that as the CBD develops, priority is given towards a more liveable, safer and more attractive public domain that supports all modes of transport. 

The City of Canterbury-Bankstown commissioned Roberts Day, in association with Environmental Partnership and GTA Consultants, to undertake this project. GTA prepared the transport strategy to inform the CBD master plan and the development of the design strategy of complete streets (prepared by Roberts Day and Environmental Partnership).

GTA also undertook a Movement and Place assessment to identify modal priorities within the CBD and contributed to defining the pedestrian and cycle priority network.