Elizabeth Quay Lot 7

Client // Brookfield

GTA Office // Perth

Elizabeth Quay is a new mixed-use precinct currently under development along Perth’s waterfront. Located adjacent to the CBD, the area will provide residential, commercial, retail and hospitality amenities for Perth’s growing population.

Brookfield is developing Lot 7, which will be Chevron’s new Australian headquarters. The development encompasses a 30-storey Premium Grade office tower that will house office space on the upper levels as well as a childcare centre, gymnasium, retail and hospitality space on the lower and ground levels.

Appointed as the Traffic and Transport Engineers for Lot 7, GTA has worked closely with Brookfield from the early stages of the project through to the development application.

GTA’s involvement in the project included advice on the built form as well as design advice for the circulation and supply of car parking according to the Perth Parking Policy 2013. It also encompassed ground-floor level interaction and connection with the public realm, ensuring adequate circulation for all modes of transport and end-users.

Given the scale of Elizabeth Quay and the location next to the CBD, it was critical to capture the entire transport assessment, managing traffic impacts on the road networks as well as assessing access to and from local public transport services.

There was a major focus on pedestrians and cyclists in the project, including amenity across the precinct as well as within the building, such as end-of-trip facilities. GTA was involved in the analysis of traffic light sequencing to improve pedestrian crossing times for the higher volumes of people expected in the precinct now and into the future.

GTA was equally responsible for peer-reviewing the traffic and transport requirements for the bordering sites 5 and 6, planned to be another mixed-use building with office, retail and luxury apartments.

Lot 7 is due to start construction in 2020 with a scheduled completion in 2023.