Holy Spirit College

Client // Diocese of Rockhampton

GTA Office // Brisbane

Holy Spirit College & Emmanuel Catholic Primary School are secondary and primary Catholic education facilities in Mackay, Queensland, which accommodate a combined student population of 1,400 pupils. Following the acquisition of new land adjacent to the College and Council’s planned infrastructure upgrades, Holy Spirit College was presented with an opportunity to provide an additional carpark which could cater for the student and staff demand, while at the same time improve the form and function of the existing parking and set-down facilities.

GTA was approached by Catholic Education’s Diocese of Rockhampton following success with similar projects to undertake a car park design and vehicular access options assessment. The key objective for this project was the review and enhancement of safety and operational efficiency of the school facilities for current operations and develop options for a master planned expansion.

Following a review of base conditions and existing demands, GTA worked closely with Catholic Education and stakeholders from Holy Spirit College and Emmanuel Catholic Primary to develop a series of options which provided various individual levels of improvement for each car park and set-down component based on anticipated demand of the master plan expansion. GTA undertook a multicriteria assessment and identified the preferred option which was progressed to concept design.

Using the concept design, GTA undertook traffic analysis to ensure that the redistribution was suitable for accommodating the master planned transport demands and confirm that the accesses and intersections operated within acceptable limits. GTA’s approach to stakeholder engagement ensured that all stakeholders, including Mackay Regional Council, were thoroughly consulted and provided input to the success and delivery of the project.