Nightingale Village

Client // Nightingale Housing

GTA Office // Melbourne

Nightingale is an Australian organisation delivering triple bottom line housing at-cost, that is environmentally, financially and socially sustainable. The Nightingale Model is an alternative development framework for medium-density housing that promotes active public transport use and seeks to contribute to the broader community through quality human-centric design.

Several Nightingale projects have already been completed in the inner suburbs of Melbourne, including the Nightingale 1 where GTA provided transport consultancy services. Nightingale Village is a new project in Brunswick that features a cluster of six mixed-use developments on adjacent properties, with 199 new dwellings and ground-floor provisions for commercial use.

In 2018, GTA prepared a Transport Impact Assessment for the proposed Nightingale Village, including a Green Travel Plan to identify how to make best use of nearby active and sustainable transport facilities and leverage existing transport infrastructure to avoid private vehicle use.

GTA’s role included consultation with Moreland City Council to gain support for the significant parking dispensation proposed on site. In accordance with statutory requirements at the time, Nightingale Village would have required approximately 280 parking places for residents. Consistent with the ambitions of Nightingale Village, the development will accommodate only 20 parking places, of which 14 are designated car-share only.

To compensate for the dispensation, the Village offers residents unique opportunities to cycle, with direct access to the Upfield Bike Path and provision for over 400 bicycle parking spaces. The site is located 200m from a key activity centre, Sydney Road, and 250m from the Anstey Railway Station, 5km north of Melbourne’s CBD.

GTA also prepared designs for the shared-based carpark and provided input to improve and activate the public realm along Duckett Street. These improvement works will essentially see the closure of Duckett Street to vehicles and a new landscape parklet created for the local community and residents of Nightingale Village.

This project aligns with the policy aims of the Moreland Integrated Transport Strategy, which seeks to minimise private car usage and prioritise active and sustainable travel options. For residents, Nightingale Village is an opportunity to play a vital role in an industry-leading concept that will radically influence residential development and the approach to medium-density housing in Melbourne’s inner suburbs.