transport analytics

The possibilities for improved transport outcomes through smart application of data continue to emerge. At GTA we continually assess this changing environment for new opportunities to present our clients with the optimum approach to analytics.

GTA has one of Australia’s largest and most respected transport analytics teams, well-versed across a spectrum of leading analytics platforms and experienced in applying innovative techniques and skillsets.

Our suite of services apply transport analytics to provide evidence-based support for policy and planning initiatives, underpin rigorous decision-making, and lead to quality transport outcomes that work for people and their environment.

services – transport analytics

  • Land and use demographics
  • Travel choice strategy
  • Travel demand management
  • Behaviour change
  • Communications programs
  • Information systems
  • Mapping
  • Modelling activities and socioeconomics
  • Modelling: macro/static/regional
  • Modelling: meso/dynamic/tactical
  • Modelling: micro/operational
  • Modelling: nano/movement and space
  • Urban and regional planning policy