transport planning

GTA Consultants solves complex transport problems with integrated thinking that combines industry expertise with analytical rigour.

Our strategic transport advisory services are typically applied at the front end of a transport scheme’s development. We identify strategic transport needs and problems, undertake complex technical assessments and complete pre-feasibility investigations. GTA’s transport analytics team works closely with the advisory group and focuses on the evidence base underpinning business case development. Our transport specialists contribute their detailed knowledge and experience to support robust decision-making.

Our advisory team are strategic thinkers who make use of technical analysis to offer real and practical solutions. Our clients are spread around Australia across the government and private sector and value the way we offer an integrated advisory, planning and analytics service.

services – transport planning

  • Freight planning and supply chain logistics
  • Public transport planning
  • Transport and land use integration
  • Route, corridor and area planning
  • Transport strategy, demand and operations
  • Transport assessments
  • Pedestrian and bicycle planning
  • Accessibility and mobility studies
  • Major and special event planning
  • Sustainable transport and climate change
  • Car parking policy, planning and design
  • Intelligent transport systems
  • Transport surveys